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After much thought and consideration I have decided to begin publishing the K of K Magazine again. Back when I first began this endeavor I and Hal Snyder a brother in North Carolina would publish a monthly booklet and mail it out to all who were interested. When it became to much for us to continue this endeavor out of pocket we had to stop. 

Now that we are in an age when most everyone has a computer I believe that publishing an electronic edition of the K of K would be of great use to anyone wanting to learn more about Gods will in their lives.

I have asked several sound Brothers in Christ to write for us and they have kindly agreed to do so. Below you will find a form you can fill in and join our newsletter and receive your copy of our magazine in PDF format. It will be printable and will open in Adobe Reader which most people have on their computers. I have set this up in a fairly large print for those who have trouble reading small fonts.

I hope you enjoy and learn more of Gods will for you through this meager effort of men who Love the Lord. God bless you all.


Back Issues of  The Keys Of The Kingdom


KofK1-1   kofk1-2   kofk1-3   kofk1-4   kofk1-5   KofK1-6   kofk1-7   kofk1-8   kofk1-9  kofk1-10  



kofk2-1   kofk2-2   kofk2-3   kofk2-4   kofk2-5   kofk2-6   kofk2-7   kofk2-8 kofk2-9   kofk2-10   kofk2-11   kofk2-12  



kofkV3-1   kofkV3-2   kofkV3-3   kofkV3-4 kofkV3-5   kofkV3-6   kofkV3-7   kofkV3-8   kofkV3-9   kofkV3-10    kofkV3-11   kofkV3-12



kofkV4-1    kofkV4-2    kofkV4-3    kofkV4-4    kofkV4-5   kofkV4-6    kofkV4-7    kofkV4-8    kofkV4-9    kofkV4-10    kofkV4-11    kofkV4-12



kofkV5-1    kofkV5-2    kofkV5-3    kofkV5-4    kofkV5-5   kofkV5-6   kofkV5-7   kofkV5-8    kofkV5-9    kofkV5-10     kofkV5-11    kofkV5-12


kofkV6-1    kofkV6-2      kofkV6-3    kofkV6-4     kofkV6-5       kofkV6-6

Sadly all good things come to an end and thus so do the Keys of the Kingdom. June’s issue is the last issue I may start it up again in the future in a different format but, for now we say goodbye and pray it has been of use to you.





14 thoughts on “K of K Magazine

  1. Being the only church that is conservative since 1989, in a Moslem country, I am thankful that you offer this oppurtunity. May God bless you and your team for this good work! I thank you.

    Nicholas Rowe 

    Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia.

    1. John

      Every issue of the maxazine is on this page just download them or read them. I post them here the first of each month.


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