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In order to teach effectively there must be order in any class. There are a few rules you need to adhere to as a member of these classes. First will be that when you enter the class you need to mute your microphone as noise from your end will disrupt others and take away from the class. Even if you do not have a camera you can take part in this class. You will need speakers and or headphones. We ask that after you enter the class that you do not mess with any controls on your end as it also might cause interruptions.

There will be NO foul language in the chat area or over your mic if you have one. You will be immediately removed and banned from future classes! There will be no warnings on this.

You should visit this site weekly before each class and download a copy of the lesson for that week. All you need to do is click the link supplied for you on the video page later the video will be made available below the link.

The classes will be held biweekly so that the following weeks class will be a Q&A secession. So the first week will be the actual class and then the following week you will get to ask questions on that class. This we feel gives you the chance to be a real part of the teaching.

We expect you to respect not only the instructors, but but also your fellow classmates.

Jerry and I thank you for taking part in these classes and our prayer is that you learn a lot and apply it to your Christian walk.


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