TSD Online Bible Class Audios

You can click this link to download the first 12 lessons in mp3 format here.

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TSD Online Class Lesson 1 Who Is God

TSD Online Class Lesson 2 The Inspired Word

TSD Online Class Lesson 3 The Word of God

TSD Online Class Lesson 4 The Message

TSD Online Class Lesson 5 Sin

TSD Online Class Lesson 6 – Conversion

TSD Online Class Lesson 7 – Baptism

TSD Online Class Lesson 8 Now What

TSD Online Class Lesson 9 The Church No 1

TSD Online Class Lesson 10 Promise & Prophecy

TSD Online Class Lesson-11 The Church In Preparation

TSD Online Class Lesson 12 The Church In Perfection No 1

TSD Online Class Lesson 13 Church In Perfection No 2


TSD-ONLINE-CLASS-Lesson-15-The Church and Millennialism

TSD-ONLINE-CLASS-Lesson-16-The Church and Metaphor

TSD-ONLINE-CLASS-Lesson-17-Identifying The Church Today No 1


TSD Online Class Lesson_19 The Organization of The Church Elders

TSD Online Class The Worship Of The Church Lesson 20
 TSD Online Class Lesson-1 Intro To Galatians

TSD Online Class Galatians Lesson 2 Salutation Gal 1 1-5 Part_1

TSD Online Class – Galatians- Lesson 2 Part 2

TSD Online Class: Galatians Lesson-3 Salutation Def Of Apostleship-Gal.-1_3-17



TSD Online Class-Galatians-Lesson-6 Pauls Rebuke For Abandoning Only Means of Salvation




TSD Online Class Galatians Lesson 10 The Allegory Of Sarah And Hagar


TSD Online Class Galatians Lesson 12 Freedom In Christ Summary And Conclusion










New Class Clearing the Confusion

CC Lesson 1 The Preacher

CC Lesson 2 The Elders

CC Lesson 2 pt 1 The Elders

CC Lesson 2 pt 3 The Elders Final

CC Congregation Lesson 3

CC Baptism

CC Calvinism Pt. 1

CC Calvinism Pt. 2

CC Calvinism Pt. 3


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