2019 Audios

Audio Of 2019 TSD Bible Classes


Authority Jan, 8, 2019

How to establish Bible Authority Jan. 15 2019

The Authority Of Christ Jan. 22 2019

Progressivism Jan 29 2019

Lord Teach Us Feb.6 2019

Lord Teach Us Pt. 2

Lord Teach Us Pt.3

Lord Teach Us Pt.4

Lord Teach Us Pt. 5

Lord Teach Us pt. 6

 Lord Teach Us Pt 7

Lord Teach Us Pt.8

Lord Teach Us 9

Lord Teach Us Pt. 10

Lord Teach Us Pt. 11

Religious – But Wrong

Simplicity of the Gospel

Divine Providence

The Church and its Preaching

A Jealous God

True Love

What Must I Do

What the New Testament Teaches on Forgiveness

All Can Understand The Bible

Satans Appeals


The Prosperity Gospel Is This the Word of the Lord

How God makes known His will

God’s role for woman in the church

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Contending for the Faith Radio

A 24/7 Online radio station for broadcasting the Gospel
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Spring Church of Christ
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Bellview Church Of Christ
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Elk City Church of Christ
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Contending for the Faith
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South Seminole (Gary Summers)
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The Keys Of The Kingdom
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TSD Online Live Bible Classes
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False Doctrines of Man
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2018 Classes

First Principles
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Clearing the Confusion

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