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Lesson deliverd by Jim Miller to the Kittery church.


Feb. 16th Contentment 

Feb. 9th Servitude 

July 20th Fear the Lord 

August 17th Old Paths 

October 12th Why Isn't Gods Way Good Enough 



Sermons from Brother Foy E. Wallace


Foy E. Wallace: Sermon- Keynotes of Scriptures 

Foy E. Wallace: Remembering Words of Christ 


Foy E. Wallace: Was Jesus There During Creation 


Foy E. Wallace: The Kingdom of Heaven 


Foy E. Wallace: Salvation 1 


Foy E. Wallace: Salvation 2 




Lessons From Guy N. Woods

Acceptable Worship 

Faithful to the Lord 

Beyond door of death 

Bible Authority 

Bible Q and A 

Book of Phillipians 

First Peter 

First things First 

God who is he 

Gods presents with us 

Grace and Law 

How to study NT 

Instrumental music worship 

Know me in heaven 


One thing I do 

Overview of Bible 


Receive with Meekness 

Second coming of Christ. 

The Act of Conversion 

The Church Med on Evang 

The Holy Spirit. 

The inspire of Bible 

The Return of Christ. 

The Secure of Believer 

Trouble Far East 

Trouble Middle East 


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  • Doretta Delay:

    thank you for sharing these wonderful sermons from such faithful Christians of men past.  What an inspiration they are. And your sermons are great 

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