Howard Daniel Denham – Holger Neubauer Debate on Realized Eschatology

Debate between Howard Daniel Denham and Hogler Neubauer which took place September 13-16, 2016 in South Haven, Michigan.


Howard Daniel Denham affirmed: The Scriptures teach that the general resurrection of the dead is yet future and is a bodily resurrection. (Hogler Neubauer denies)

Holger Neubauer affirmed: The Scriptures teach that the general resurrection is a bodily resurrection and is not still future. (Howard Daniel Denham denies)




01 – Denham First Affirmative


02 – Neubauer First Negative


03 – Denham Second Affirmative


04 – Neubauer Second Negative


05 – Denham Third Affirmative


06 – Neubauer Third Negative


07 – Denham Fourth Affirmative


08 – Neubauer Fourth Negative


09 – Denham Fifth Affirmative


10 – Neubauer Fifth Negative


11 – Denham Sixth Affirmative


12 – Neubauer Sixth Negative


13 – Neubauer First Affirmative


14 – Denham First Negative


15 – Neubauer Second Affirmative


16 – Denham Second Negative


17 – Neubauer Third Affirmative


18 – Denham Third Negative


19 – Neubauer Fourth Affirmative


20 – Denham Fourth Negative


21 – Neubauer Fifth Affirmative


22 – Denham Fifth Negative


23 – Neubauer Sixth Affirmative


24 – Denham Sixth Negative



The Godhead

Perry Cotham Affirms: That the Scriptures teach that there are three distinct and separate persons in the one Godhead: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. (Billy Davis denies.)


Cotham 1st Affirmative


Davis 1st Negative


Cotham 2nd Affirmative


Davis 2nd Negative


Davis 1st Affirmative


Cotham 1st Negative


Davis 2nd Affirmative


Cotham 2nd Negative




AD 70 Preterest Heresy……. Chowning/Baisden Debate 8/9/2014




Carrol Sutton/Noel Merideth Debate

Carrol SuttonAffirms: The Scriptures teach that Churches of Christ may not build and maintain benevolent organizations such as Boles Orphans Home, Tennessee Orphans Home, Childhaven and Home For the Aged for the care of the needy. (Noel Merideth denies.)



01 – Sutton 1st Affirmative

02 – Merideth 1st Negative

03 – Sutton 2nd Affirmative

04 – Merideth 2nd Negative

05 – Sutton 3rd Affirmative

06 – Merideth 3rd Negative

07 – Sutton 4th Affirmative

08 – Merideth 4th Negative

09 – Sutton 5th Affirmative

10 – Merideth 5th Negative

11 – Sutton 6th Affirmative

12 – Merideth 6th Negative

13 – Merideth 1st Affirmative

14 – Sutton 1st Negative

15 – Merideth 2nd Affirmative

16 – Sutton 2nd Negative

17 – Merideth 3rd Affirmative

18 – Sutton 3rd Negative

19 – Merideth 4th Affirmative

20 – Sutton 4th Negative

21 – Merideth 5th Affirmative

22 – Sutton 5th Negative

23 – Merideth 6th Affirmative

24 – Sutton 6th Negative



Bob L. Ross/Michael Hatcher Debate

Bob L. Ross affirmed: "The New Testament Scriptures Authorize The Use of Mechanical Instruments of Music in Worship to God Today." (Michael Hatcher denied).

Bob L. Ross 1st Affirmative

Michael Hatcher 1st Negative

Bob L. Ross 2nd Affirmative

Michael Hatcher 2nd Negative

Bob L. Ross 3rd Affirmative

Michael Hatcher 3rd Negative

Michael Hatcher 1st Affirmative

Bob L. Ross 1st Negative

Michael Hatcher 2nd Affirmative

Bob L. Ross 2nd Negative

Michael Hatcher 3rd Affirmative

Bob L. Ross 3rd Negative



Perry Cotham/Peter John Debate

Perry Cotham affirmed: Resolved, That miracles such as were performed by Christ and the Apostles ceased at the close of the Apostolic age (Peter John denied).


01- Perry Cotham 1st Affirmative

02 – Peter John 1st Negative

03 – Perry Cotham 2nd Affirmative

04 – Peter John 2nd Negative

05 – Peter John 1st Affirmative

06 – Perry Cotham 1st Negative

07 – Peter John 2nd Affirmative

08 – Perry Cotham 2nd Negative

09 – Question and Answer




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