41st Annual Bellview Lectures — 2016

Typology  June 10 – 14, 2016


Nature of a Type, Terry Hightower


Interpretation of Types, David P. Brown


Prophet – Michael Hatcher


Priest – Doug Post


King – Wayne Blake


Old Testament Sacrifices – Terry Hightower


Passover – Harrell Davidson


Saturday Open Forum


Abraham – Jerry Brewer


Typical Places – Jess Whitlock


Jonah – Daniel Denham


Abraham's Sacrifice of Isaac – Paul Vaughn


Noah's Ark – Wayne Blake


Melchizedek – Lee Moses


Wilderness Wanderings – Paul Vaughn


Moses – Geoff Litke


Hosea – Doug Post


David – Gene Hill


Adam – John West


Monday Open Forum


Sabbath – Daniel Denham


Types of Baptism – Harrell Davidson


Refuting Realized Eschatology

Belview Lectures

June 12 – 16, 2015



Friday, June 12


7:00 pm What Is Realized Eschatology and Its History: Jess Whitlock


8:00 pm Partial Versus Full Preterism: Danny Douglas


Saturday, June 13

9:00 am Exposition of Daniel 7:13-14:  Charles Pogue


10:00 am Prophecy of Joel: Bruce Stulting


11:00 am Exposition of Daniel 12Dub McClish


1:00 pm Exposition of Luke 20:27-40:  Michael Hatcher


2:00 pm Esposition of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12Johnny Oxendine


7:00 pm The Nature of Prophecy Jerry Brewer


8:00 pm Word Studies Refuting Realized EschatologyDaniel Denham


Sunday, June 14

9:00 am The End of the Law of MosesMichael Hatcher


10:00 am The Establishment of the Kingdom:  Gene Hill


1:00 pm The Grave of Judaism Doctrine:  Doug Post


2:00 pm The Bible’s Teaching of Spirit and Soul Regarding ManLee Moses


Monday, June 15

9:00 am Allegory of Sarah and Hagar (Galatians 4:20-31)Jess Whitlock


10:00 am Sin-Death Doctrine of Realized EschatologyDaniel Denham


11:00 am Exposition of John 5:24-29Charles Pogue


1:00 pm Exposition of 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Johnny Oxendine


2:00 pm Old Testament Texts Misused by Realized EschatologyDavid P. Brown


3:00 pm Open Forum


7:00 pm Interpretation of Figurative LanguageDavid P. Brown


8:oo pm The second Coming Gary Summers



Tuesday, June 16

9:00 am Exposition of 2 Peter 3:1-13Jerry Brewer



10:00 am Does Revelation Prove Realized Eschatology?  Doug Post


11:00 am Exposition of Acts 2:29-36: Dub McClish


1:00 pm The Olivet Discourse and Luke 17:20-37Lee Moses


2:00 pm The Last DaysGene Hill


3:00 pm  Open Forum


7:00 pm The Judgment and Resurrection of the Dead:  Bruce Stulting


8:00 pm Bible Doctrine of Hades, Heaven, and Hell:  Danny Douglas


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