Short Audio Lessons

Short Audio Lessons From Scripture

I have setup this page to deliver short Audio lessons to help you in your walk with Christ. I will tell you now that I do not believe in watering down the word of God in any way. Some of these lessons may cut to the quick and others may bring you much joy but, they will always bring you the truth. So with that said I pray you will enjoy these lessons and learn. And by the way I try to use the KISS method as much as possible KISS = Keep it simple silly.

Jim Miller.


Lesson 1. Open Bibles 

Lesson 2. Bible Authority 

Lesson 3. Pride 

Lesson 4. Emotions 

Lesson 5. Church History 

Lesson 6. False Teaching 

Lesson 7. We All Want The Same 

Lesson 8. Discipline 


Lesson 9. Just Something To Think About 

Lesson 10. Who Are The Saved? 

Lesson 12. Hard Preaching 

Lesson 13. Heaven 

Lesson 14. Speak As The Oracles Of God 

Lesson 15. Religious liberalism 

Lesson 16. Home of the soul 

Lesson 17. Expedient 

Lesson 18. Old Paths 

Lesson 19. The Lord’s Church 

Lesson 20. Can Gods Word Be Understood? 

Lesson 21. Are You Ashamed Of The Gospel? 

Lesson 22. Conversion Of Paul 

Lesson 23. Ethiopian Eunuch 

Lesson 24. The Problem Of Sin 

Lesson 25. Two Commands 

Lesson 26. Study 

Lesson 27. Gods Power Unto Salvation (The Gospel) 

Lesson 28. Has God Made His Will Known? 

Lesson 29. Husband’s 

Lesson 30. wife 

Lesson 31. Godly Wife and Mother. 

Lesson 32. Your Marching Orders Too! 

Lesson 33. A Jealous God 

Lesson 34.  So You Believe Your The Only Ones Going To Heaven 

Lesson 35. Controversy 

Lesson 36. Your Most Valued Possession? 

Lesson 37. Love In Its Proper Perspective 

Lesson 38. Responsibility of Teaching 

Lesson 39. Why Read The Bible? 

Lesson 40. The Thief On The Cross 

Lesson 41. Under Estimating The Devil 

Lesson 42. Public Evangelsim

Lesson 43. Unanswered Prayer 

Lesson 44. A Christian Perspective Of Death 

Lesson 45. Faith Verses Opinion 

Lesson 46. God First 

Lesson 47. Attendance 

Lesson 48. Faith 

Lesson 49. Christianity Of First Century 

Lesson 50.  Majority Rule? 

Lesson 51.  Responsable Teaching 

Lesson 52.  Apollos 

Lesson 53.  Who We Serve 

Lesson 54.  Simplicity of the Gospel 

Lesson 55.  Grace 

Lesson 56.  Power of Gospel Preaching 

Lesson 57.  Balanced Preaching 

Lesson 58.  Good Listeners 

Lesson 59. God’s Silence 

17 thoughts on “Short Audio Lessons

  1. Thank you… So glad I tried again, yesterday, I couldn't get the volume up to where I could understand you. Today it was fine. Good thoughts. Enjoyed getting to hear your voice. Bless your continued efforts. Dorothy Hutchins


    1. Thank you Dorothy, A great orator I am not I am out of practice as I preach and teach just as needed these days. But I hope to improve on my delivery as I get back to doing this more.


  2. So good to hear you again. Let me say, your voice was much clearer and the volume was better. God Bless !!!



    1. Lesson no.6   That is the reason we meet in a home setting. Lessons are wonderful, as Gods word is wonderful. But you are doing so well in your composition of these lessons. I hope the surgery has helped your problem. I am continueing with the physical therapy 3 day's a week. My Love to you two. God Bless.


      1. Glad you are enjoying the lessons Dorothy. and I have almost recovered fully from the surgery. Hope you wrist continues to improve.


        1. So TRUE……It just makes one sick, if you are really concerned, to drop in on a congregation that is almost Dead. We visited one in Arkansas, I couldn't get it off my mind, I called the  minister and talked with him about the situation, he agreed, and promised to try to correct it…I can only hope he did, and it works. Have a blessed day.

  3. Excellent Job. And I have problems with the group here. They just don't understand my craveing to attend PM services on the Lords Day. Well now it is Dark thirty when the services are over at Windmill, and at 94 I don't need to be driving thru all the traffic,. Keep up the Lord's work.


  4. Well I finished the lesson on Faith. I found it very well supported. All the evidence given. I feel God is pleased with thiis presentation. God Bless.


  5. Number 49: very well taught,. Hope someone else is listening that will study and obey it. Thank you for your time spent,, God Bless.


  6. Just listened to 49 and 50. Both very well prepared ans presented is such a manner, that a way faring man though a fool may understand and err not.  God Bless. 

  7. May God Bless you too' I hope and Pray many will listen to this Lesson. I preach this over and over, every chance I can.I will spread the word to get others to listen to the lesson.

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