Scott Klaft's Shameless Attempt To Co-Opt Foy E. Wallace Jr. Into His A.D. 70 Heresy

October 1, 2014
Howard Denham

Scott Klaft posted the follwoing self-serving piece: 

"If we learn anything from the study of church history, it's that it is unsafe to rely on what mere men have taught us, and that those with whom we disagree may try to bully us into holding their traditions, once by the power of State-run religion and the threat of civil punishment. But then God made the Restoration possible by giving us a chance to live in a nation that believed in the freedom of religion.

The Restoration spirit is one that questions, and puts to the test everything our religious forefathers believed and practiced. This goes beyond baptism and the mechanical instrument. Every single time some subject has been found wanting in the church, there has been a fight, and people who try to bully others into holding the long-held tradition.

Foy Wallace Jr. lead the way for the church, after 100 years of public prominence and believing the premillennial fiction, into being willing to cast that aside. But they thought he was going too far when teaching the early writing-date of the Revelation. When, in fact, he hadn't taken it to it's proper conclusion. But there were MANY enemies of Foy Wallace that tried every possible way to misrepresent him and persecute him (I knew someone who was a close friend of his, and I have heard some appalling stories).

The popular notions, whether it is eschatology, or the unscriptural practice of offering the Lord's Supper multiple times on Sunday – everything that is practiced or believed – MUST be put to the test and purged if it lacks sufficient Bible authority, no matter who likes it or who doesn't.

Galatians 1:10 ¶For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ."


Now, brethren, I knew Foy Wallace. He was a mentor. He was also a friend who encouraged me to preach. To borrow a line from the past, "Scott Klaft is no Foy Wallace!" What Scott does not opely tell his readers is that he is using Brother Wallace's name to cover for his own recent apostasy into the Realized Eschatology camp of heretic Don Preston. He ought to be ashamed of his misuse of Wallace's name to justify his A.D. 70 heresy. Wallace would have considered him a heretic relative to many texts on prophecy, not the least of which being even portions of Revelation. The dead are unable to speak for themselves against such willful misuse of their materials, but there will be a day in which those, like Scott, who so blithely misuse reference materials, will have to give account despite their claims to the contrary (2 Cor. 5:10-11). Scott ought to repent, but I seriously doubt he will. He seems to be set on his current course right out of the Lord's church into sectarian oblivion along with his fellow A.D. 70 hobby riders. Preston fellowships whatever denominationalists and sectarians who can stomach his nonsense. His mentor, Max R. King, is now a full-blown Universalist. Don is not far behind. Scott with Steve Baisden, sadly, is heading in the same direction. But is neither honorable nor just for them to misuse a good man's name to promote their errors. 

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