David P. Brown and Dub McClish Marked by Forest Hill


Bulletin of Forest Hill Church of Christ

Memphis, Tennessee

Volume 36 December 1 2009 Number 48

From the Preacher

It has been a busy month of preaching and teaching. I had the opportunity to preach in two gospel meetings during October. One meeting was with the Lake City Church of Christ in Lake City, Florida and the other was with the Southwest Church of Christ in Austin, Texas. It was my privilege to close out the Spiritual Sword Lectures here in Memphis in mid October. I returned to Texas in early November to preach on the Schertz Lectureship near San Antonio. After that, I spoke two nights at the Willette congregation northeast of Nashville on subjects related to the home. Last week I preached in a meeting at the Jasper, Tennessee Church of Christ. All of these opportuni­ties were a blessing for me and I pray a blessing to those who were present. It was good to be back in the pulpit at Forest Hill this past week. I appreciate those who have filled the pulpit during my absence and, especially I am grateful to my associate here at Forest Hill, Matthew Jones, for his work on a daily basis on behalf of this congregation.

On page four of this bulletin you will read where our elders have publicly marked brethren David P. Brown and H.W. (Dub) McClish. These two brethren in re­cent years together have been on a vendetta attacking faithful brethren throughout the Lord’s church through their venomous articles. The most recent issue of their publica­tion took aim at this writer for whom they hold much disdain. Brown’s outlandish com­ments were filled with evil surmisings concerning my recent resignation. The whole article was a total fabrication built upon nothing but lies. These brethren would have us believe they are protectors of truth when in fact they have no respect for truth whatso­ever. Through their writings and behavior they have demonstrated an attitude that is to­tally devoid of anything Christ like. They continually violate the clear teachings of our Lord concerning love, kindness, truthfulness, and forgiveness. They cannot love the church for which Jesus died and behave as they do. They are rude and crude. They are hateful and haughty. Furthermore, to be so preoccupied with the affairs of others is not normal. In reality, they behave like spoiled children who don’t get their way. We gave them one of their last platforms of influence, through our lectureship and The Gospel Journal and now that has been taken away and so they must pitch a fit in order to be heard. The fact is, however, no one pays them much attention nor should they. The two have been isolated and marked, as they should be. All we can do is pray that they will repent of their behavior before it is everlastingly too late.

What I will be doing at the beginning of the new year is something I am excited about. Had the opportunity not arisen, I would be continuing on as the local preacher of this church. However, this new opportunity still leaves room for much preaching and teaching, both at Forest Hill and in gospel meetings. More time will be devoted to writ­ing, as well. Furthermore, no doubt to the dismay of Brown and McClish, I will con­tinue to be a faculty member of the Memphis School of Preaching. The truth is our eld­ers, this preacher, along with our faculty, have operated in peace and harmony to this present hour. For this reason it is right to identify and mark those, who, like Brown and McClish, through their lies, innuendo, and evil surmisings would seek to disrupt the unity of this congregation through seeds of discord. I salute our elders for this decision and stand with them.

Barry Grider

Page 4 The Forest Hill News December 1, 2009

From the Elders

Because the Bible clearly teaches us to “mark them which cause divisions and of­fenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them” (Rom. 16:17) we, the elders of the Forest Hill Church of Christ, hereby, have found it necessary to mark David P. Brown and H. W. (Dub) McClish for their continual pursuit of sowing discord among brethren and for their outright lies concerning our elders, evangelist, the Memphis School of Preaching, and this congregation. This was evidenced once again in the most recent issue of their publication, Contending for the Faith, October, 2009. While we pray for their repentance, we stand united in our opposition against their con­duct and urge faithful brethren everywhere to do the same.



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  1. David P Brown and Contending for the Faith. I didn’t know anyone paid any attention to that yo-yo or read that rag sheet.

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