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It Fills a Space

I have been reading church bulletins more six decades. I have served as editor of church bulletins for over five decades. At one time, the mailbox of the church where I preached received approximately 150 bulletins each week. I have literally seen almost everything there is to be seen in church bulletins.…

Humanism, Another Response on

Two recent articles in the Denton Record-Chronicle (one by Mr. Fielding (local Unitarian Church “minister”) and one by Mr. Vela (professor at University of North Texas), both appearing June 3, 1994) offered excellent examples of this strange phenomenon. While professing broad-minded, non-prejudicial, we-don’t-condemn-those-who-differ-with-us virtues for Humanists (and doubtless for themselves), their words were among the most narrow-minded, prejudicial, and hypercritical words we have read lately.…

Isaiah 65:17—The "New Heavens and a New Earth" of

Jehovah promised through Isaiah, near the close of his great book, the following: “For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind” (Isa. 65:17). The Lord had Isaiah repeat this prophecy in almost the closing words of his oracle….

Church Been Restored, Has the New Testament?

It has become popular among numerous religious elitists to guffaw at the very suggestion that the original church has been restored to its pristine state in modern times. Such scoffers utter a resounding “no” in answer to the question of our title, believing that only Neanderthal nincompoops would even entertain the notion….





Holy Spirit, The, How Does He Convict Today?

One comes away after reading or hearing the…treatise convinced of two things, apart from agreeing or disagreeing with its content: Its author believes that (1) the Holy Spirit operates directly—in addition to His work through providence and through the agency of His Word—to convict and convert sinners and that (2) the Word alone is unable and insufficient to convict and convert the sinner.…

Parallels—Politics and Religion

Some general parallels are obvious between the political and religious landscapes. Professed believers in God, the Bible, and the Christ are also divided along the lines of the “right” and “left” dichotomy that is observable in politics. This conservative-liberal division is quite apparent in both the Roman Catholic Church and in Protestant Denominationalism (with pronounced liberal dominance in the latter).…

Word, God Hath Spoken the Living

From his Roman prison cell, Paul wrote concerning the Gospel, “Wherein I suffer hardship unto bonds, as a malefactor; but the Word of God is not bound” (2 Tim. 2:9). Paul thus recognized the incomparable glory and power of God’s Word. Men may imprison the messenger of God, but they cannot imprison the message.…

Preachers or Pastors?

"Pastor" may be the word most frequently used to describe a preacher’s work (e.g., “John Smith is the pastor of the ___________ church”). This term is also used as a title of address (e.g., “Pastor John Smith will now speak”). Roman Catholics and Protestants alike thus employ the word. Does the Bible sanction this usage?…


Jesus' Birth, Some Wonders of

The Biblical record of the birth of Jesus Christ notably omits the date of its occurrence, so it is appropriate to turn our thoughts to it at any season of the year. Likewise, there is no hint in the New Testament that His disciples did or should engage in any special observance of the occasion.…

All That Matters

If one’s works are not the works God has authorized, they are all done in vain regarding God’s notice or approval (Mat. 15:9). That which God does not authorize, He does not accept or recognize.…


Denominationalism or the Church?

Thoughtful Bible students realize that denominational “churchianity” bears no resemblance to New Testament Christianity. It is not only fundamentally undenominational; it is anti-denominational…. 

"Come Forth…."

When John heard the angel announce the impending doom of “Babylon,” another heavenly voice warned, “Come forth, my people, out of her, that ye have no fellowship with her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues” (Rev. 18:4)…. 

Disinherited Children

Joan Crawford, the famous movie star of several decades back, left some of her children out of her will. She was not the first to do so, nor is she likely to be the last. It is the right of parents to disinherit a child or children if they choose to do so. Let it be observed, however….

Home, Building up the Church Through the

Of the three institutions ordained by God—the church, civil government, and the home—the home is the oldest. Its stability and health (or lack thereof) fundamentally affect the stability and health of the two other institutions. God created the first home when he created Adam and then Eve and brought them together in a Divine “wedding ceremony” (Gen. 2:21–22)…. 


Jeremiah 1:4–10, Exposition of

The sad fact is that the church at the close of the twentieth century contains a large and growing number of congregations that do not want and will not long tolerate a preacher who preaches what the Bible plainly says on a host of subjects and who takes longer than twenty minutes to do so. By their own foolish and carnal requirements, they would not knowingly let Jeremiah (to say nothing of John the Baptizer, Paul, Stephen, or even the Lord Himself) within ten miles of their pulpits! 


On Civil Disobedience

In light of the foregoing, can a Christian, with the Lord’s approval, ever resist the laws of his government? The Bible clearly answers that he not only can, but in certain circumstances, he must refuse to obey them—thus engaging in “civil disobedience.” …


Liberalism and Anti-ism—Two Erroneous Extremes

History reveals that men are susceptible to extremes in almost every arena of thought and behavior. This is no more clearly demonstrable than in the field of religion…. The Lord’s church has been plagued by extremes from time to time. Every extreme position from the day of the apostles to the present revolves around the two opposite extremes generally designated “liberalism” and “anti-ism.”…

Man, Woman, and Marriage

Let us be straightforward: One either believes the Bible to be God’s revelation of Himself to men, or he does not. No one is forced (by God or by any human authority) to accept the Bible as such. However, one (or a religious body) ought not to profess such belief if he (it) is unwilling to accept what it teaches….

Persecution, The Christian and

The persecution of the righteous began in the shadow of the Garden of Eden as righteous Abel was slain by his jealous brother Cain (Gen. 4:3–8), and it continued through Old Testament history. The prophets of God were treated in especially brutal and shameful ways as they fulfilled their God-given tasks.… 

Cafeteria Theology

Does God operate a theological cafeteria? Are all of the world’s religions (e.g., Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, et al.) on His “steam table”? Is Christianity on the menu as merely one among many choices of access leading to God and salvation? …

Restoration Principle, The

Our title is composed of two questions. The first of these seeks definition of the “restoration principle.” Permit me to illustrate this definition by means of an automobile “allegory.” Automobiles have intrigued me since childhood. I learned to drive in a 1938 Ford pickup (it rolled off the assembly line the same year I discovered America).…


Hell, Did Jesus Believe in?

Hell has fallen on hard times. The most frequent reference to it nowadays is as a term of cursing, swearing, or intensification of expression. Others use it in a weak attempt at levity: “I want to go to Hell; after all, that’s where all my friends will be.” …

Will God "Understand"?

In God’s inspired Word, the Bible, He has revealed everything anyone can know about His mind and will. Either He means what He says in His Word, or He doesn’t. If He doesn’t, the Bible is merely advice that we may ignore with impunity.…

Elders, Reevaluation/Reaffirmation of

A brother who champions the "reaffirmation" of elders based upon periodic "reevaluation" of them began a manuscript on the subject as follows: "The reaffirmation of elders is new ground for most congregations. It is an uncharted course—a path not traveled. Few congregations have had any experience with reaffirmation.”…

Moses—Great Man of God

We should not wonder, then, that even confirmed ignoramuses in all things Biblical are quite likely to know the name of Moses and perhaps a fact or two about his life. He is just that much of a historical giant, not only in Biblical history, but in all history.…

History Repeats

A century and a half ago, a few brethren who were determined to have what pleased them in religion were willing to sacrifice respect for both the statement and the silence of Scripture in order to have their idols (primarily musical instruments and separate evangelistic organizations).…

Romans 16—A Commentary

Romans 16 is one of the most completely personal sections to come from the pen of Paul or from that of any inspired writer. Of its twenty-seven verses eighteen of them relate to per­sonal commendations, greetings to those in Rome, or greetings being sent to Rome from various ones who knew Paul was writing the letter.…

Civil Disobedience, On

Only two spheres/sources of authority exist—human and Divine: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s” (Mat. 22:21; cf. 21:25). Divine authority is supreme—whether or not men acknowledge it—and He will eventually exercise it utterly (Mat. 25:31–46).… 

Wills and Codicils, On

Men make their wills on the basis of information available to them at the time. Conditions sometimes change that merit a change in the will. If the changes are extensive, the will is usually rewritten. However, if only a brief statement of alteration is required…

Intertestamental Period, The

From the ending of Old Testament history and prophecy to the opening words of Matthew’s Gospel account in the New Testament spans about four centuries. Historians have described…as “the four hundred silent years,” “the period of silence,” “the interval between the Old and New Testaments,” “interbiblical history,” “from Malachi to Christ,” and likely others…. 

Cart Before the Horse, The

Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God (John 3:16), identified both the “horse” and the “cart” in regard to the respective obligations of all mankind…(Mat. 22:37–39). Note: The “horse” obligation is love for God. The “cart” obligation is love for one’s fellow man.… 

Marriage—Man, Woman, and

One either believes the Bible to be God’s revelation of Himself to men, or one does not. God does not (and no man can) force anyone to accept the Bible as such. One, however, ought not to profess such belief if one is unwilling to accept what it says without seeking to alter it.… 

Subjectivism, The Gospel and

Our times are characterized by religious convictions based solely upon feelings and experiences. This phenomenon has always been a trademark of Pentecostalism, but it now infects and affects all of the sects (and not a few brethren, as well). Most religionists trust their eternal destiny to no more than a vague hunch or feeling.…

Sin, The Man to Whom God will not Reckon

No more significant subject can be contemplated and researched, because involved in identifying those “to whom the Lord will not reckon sin” and the means by which this is accomplished is the key to both initial and continued forgiveness of the guilt of sin and eventual salvation from the eternal consequences of sin…. 

Religion by Majority

A Pew Poll of 35,000 Americans, released in June 2008, revealed some interesting statistics about religious beliefs. More than half (57%) of  “evangelicals” (strong in their belief in the Bible and in Jesus as God’s only begotten Son, right?), opined that Christianity is not the only way to Heaven…..

"First Principles," Whatever Happened to?

To speak of “first principles” in any field of endeavor is to speak of things basic, elementary, fundamental, and rudimentary. The Hebrews writer referred to “the rudiments of the first principles of the oracles of God” (Heb. 5:12). While in the context he shamed the brethren for not progressing beyond them, he certainly never advised forgetting them.… 

Preachers and Preaching—an Overview

A man who is dedicated through-and-through to God and His Word will not find a more rewarding life’s work than preaching the Gospel. I speak not of monetary rewards, for the Lord knows (as do most who have preached very long) that many congregations still expect maximum labor for minimum pay.…

Elders—Their Crucial Role

They [the apostles] left behind that perfected Word which is fully capable (without any direct Divine intervention or assistance) of perfecting the saints who will yield themselves to it (2 Tim. 3:16–17). However, the Head of the church also entrusted her to other human hands upon the departure of the apostles.… These men He denominated “elders,” “bishops,” “pastors.”…

Ignorance, Intentional

It would be difficult to exaggerate the cursed consequences of ignorance. Various prophets explicitly blamed the downfall of God’s Old Testament people on their ignorance of God and His law. God’s indictment of His people through Hosea says it all: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge….” (Hos. 4:6, emph. DM).…

Scripture, A Gross Misapplication of 

The following words from the apostle Paul may be among the most frequently abused and misused in Scripture: “If thou shalt confess with thy mouth Jesus as Lord, and shalt believe in thy heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved” (Rom. 10:9).…

Baptism, Shall We Surrender the Scriptural Purpose of

The subject of the one age-lasting baptism (Eph. 4:5; Mat. 28:19–20) has stirred discussion and controversy for centuries. Men have hotly contested various facets of the subject in countless conversations and thousands of debates. At least as early as the twelfth century men and women were brutally persecuted, even burned at the stake….

Judgment, A Study of the Final

It is not possible to correctly conceive of man's relationship to God while ignoring or denying the reality of man's accountability to God. The fact that the Scriptures exist as the revelation of God's will for man and that they insist that man must be obedient to the Divine will necessarily implies a time of accounting….

Ezra, a Model for Every Servant of God

Ezra lived during Judah’s period of captivity in Babylon in the fifth century B.C. He led a group of Jews back to Judea from their land of captivity in about 457 B.C. He rose to considerable prominence in a pagan court (Ezra 7:6, 11-28), after the manner of Joseph, Moses, Esther, Nehemiah, and Daniel.…

Misapplication, A Gross

The following words from the apostle Paul may be among the most frequently abused and misused in Scripture:  “If thou shalt confess with thy mouth Jesus as Lord, and shalt believe in thy heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved” (Rom. 10:9).…

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