Selective Postmodernism

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Postmodernism is the buzzword for today’s sophisticates who purport to have transcended the outmoded standards that have well served mankind from the beginning and Western Civilization for centuries. It has adversely affected almost every facet of life in America the past three or four decades. Postmodernism repudiates the concepts of objective standards and exclusive, propositional Truth claims.

This rejection includes the Bible and its claim to be God’s revelation—His only one—to mankind. In religion and morals (the two pillars of civilized society) the postmodernist exemplifies broadmindedness to the point of irrationality. Regarding religion, the postmodernist affirms equivalence between all religions (e.g., the COEXIST idiocy). Regarding morals, postmodernists are hypocrites even to utter the words, moral standard. To them, each person’s choice of conduct becomes his own unquestionable “standard,” and none has the right to question it.

            Consider a test case, that of Warren Jeffs, the “prophet” of the “Fundamentalist Mormons,” presently serving a sentence of life in prison. The following news story concerning his behavior involves both of the aforementioned societal pillars:

A man claims to be a “prophet” in a religious organization. Ten thousand followers believe God speaks directly to him—they slavishly follow his every whim. Their “prophet” teaches that polygamy is a means of achieving greater glory in the next world. His “revelations” instruct him to take a twelve-year-old “bride” and introduce her to his “celestial marriage” bed and to father a child by another bride who is only 15 years old. God also tells him to “marry” more than 20 other “brides,” several of whom are also under legal age of consent. Sodomizing a five-year-old nephew was also in keeping with his “revelations.”

Does the postmodernist cry out against such behavior, and if so, upon what grounds? Does he not grant each person the right to his personal moral credo, because none other exists? If this man has chosen a path that sanctions heterosexual relations with a twelve-year-old girl and sodomizing a five-year-old boy, on what basis can the postmodernist judge his behavior to be wrong? Is he outraged because the acts are indecent and immoral? By whose/what standard? Does he say that such acts are illegal (which implies that if a society legalized them, they would no longer be wrong)? Jeffs’ behavior is rooted in his religious beliefs, so by what standard can the postmodernist criticize his religion?

What then is postmodernism? It is warmed-over atheistic humanism that denies God and the only objective standard for religion and morals mankind will ever have—the Bible.

[Note: I wrote this article for and it appeared in the Denton Record-Chronicle, Denton, TX, April 1, 2016.]

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