The Church in Jerusalem

Download article as PDF [Note: This MS is available in larger font on our Manuscripts page.] Introduction On the Pentecost following our Lord’s resurrection and ascension “there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, from every nation under heaven,” plus numerous proselytes (Acts 2:5, 10).1…

Miracles and Revelation

Download article as PDF [Note: This MS is available in larger font on our Longer Articles page.] Introduction The word miracle is one of several Biblical words that have been “wordnapped,” redefined, and misused. Miracle is popularly used to describe a spectacular game-winning catch of…


Download article as PDF Introduction An anticlimax is a reversal of direction, thought, or status from the superior to the inferior or from the sublime to the ridiculous. In our days of modern, well-equipped, and technologically advanced automobiles, the suggestion that we return to traveling…


Download article as PDF Introduction Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary defines “emotionalism” as “…unwarranted expression or display of emotion.”[2] The same dictionary defines “emotion” in the following words: Any of the feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, love, etc.…any strong agitation of the feelings actuated…


Download article as PDF  Introduction Time is a fascinating, bewildering, imponderable, and yet such a vastly important subject to consider. Accordingly, it has called forth numerous interesting observations concerning it, such as the following, gleaned from hundreds of others at          Yesterday is a canceled…




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