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Does the Bible Teach the Principle of “Guilt by Association”?

By Dub McClish


Is it valid for voters to question candidates for the office of President of the United States about their close associates? In the 2008 presidential campaign this question came to the fore, especially concerning Barrack Obama. His twenty-year membership in the extreme racist and anti-American Jeremiah Wright’s Chicago church and his defense of Wright have raised the guilt-by-association issue. Additionally, Obama’s continued close and amicable relationship with William Ayers, the impenitent early-1970s radical Weather Underground Organization terrorist, further fueled the guilt-by- association charge. Political conservatives argue that such favorable associations imply agreement with the convictions and behavior of said associates and therefore culpability for the same. Predictably, liberal politicos jumped to Obama’s defense, denying the viability of the guilt-by-association principle.

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