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Statement by the elders, Spring Church of Christ

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December 9, 2009


Statement by the elders, Spring Church of Christ

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What Will They Do Now?

By Dub McClish

Some Background Notes

The Sherman Drive congregation is what is left of the once mighty Pearl Street congregation that for almost a quarter century enjoyed a spotless reputation for soundness and faithfulness. This reputation was known in many nations, principally through its twenty-one consecutive Annual Denton Lectures programs (1982–2002).

Pearl Street apostatized in 2003, mainly through the influence of one of its elders, Joe Chism, who persuaded two of his fellow elders to join him in the unholy Holy Spirit errors of brethren Mac Deaver and Goebel Music. I was one of the elders and Gary Summers was the preacher when this issue arose. We fought it with all we had from its first appearance, but we did not prevail. The eldership fired Gary in April 2003, and I resigned from the eldership and left in May 2003, both departures precipitated by our opposition to the Deaver error.

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