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Archive for the ‘A1-Correspondence’ Category

Dub McClish to Spring Elders and David Brown—Upon Forest Hill’s “Marking”

Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 20:07:38
Subject: Breaking news from Forest Hill

Ken, Buddy, Jack, and David:

    My name was summarily removed from the mailing list for The Forest Hill News in August 2005, so I was surprised suddenly to find a copy of it in my mail today. When I opened it, I knew why they blessed me with it. As you will see from the attachment, you brethren are now overseeing the work of two marked men. If I may do a bit more of the “surmisings” in which Barry Grider surmises David and I have engaged,  it appears that some FH members and MSOP alumni may have been reading and paying some attention to articles in CFTF and have caused the FH/MSOP principals some discomfort.

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McClish-Grider Exchange Re: The Gospel Journal “Resignations”

Letter from Barry Grider to Dub McClish

July 29, 2005

Dear brother McClish,

In recent days I have received word of my name being circulated among some brethren regarding a supposed statement that I made to brother Bryan Braswell. The statement that I supposedly made indicated that Brother Cates had “already made up his mind” to seek your dismissal as editor of Gospel Journal before he left Memphis to attend the board meeting. This statement is not true. I know that brother Cates agonized for days and with tears over what to do concerning the problem that you caused with your “summation of Apologetics Press” email. At the time he left Memphis he was still not sure of the course of action that should be taken.

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Cline Paden Letter on MDR at Sunset

March 6, 1973


Probably no Bible topic has so much diversity of thought surrounding it as does marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

Each time we come to those sections of Scripture which relate to marriage we have to deal with practically every viewpoint that anyone has ever entertained. Our students come from every section of the country, and they come with every conceivable shade of brotherhood thought on these matters. They present these positions in class in the form of questions and comments. Our task is to leave the student with a position which can be substantiated by a “thus saith the Lord”. This is no easy task, and we do not always succeed. But we do try. We cannot control what a student may believe, for he may have believed it long before coming to Sunset. We can only control what he is taught.

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