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"Fundamental and Premillennial"

Larry Ray Hafley
Plano, Illinois

Various sects, in what is popularly styled conservative evangelical Protestantism, 19 advertise themselves as "Fundamental And Premillennial." Admittedly, their crowing has a nice ring to it. "Fundamental And Premillennial" flows together like cock-a-doodle-do. But it is, practically speaking, impossible to be both fundamental and premillennial. Premillennialism says Christ came to reign as earthly king on an earthly throne in earthly Jerusalem but was thwarted from fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies, thus, in this present "interim period" the "church age" was instituted.

Modernism's View

We have been told by modernists that "new truth" was added to the Old Testament by Jesus and the apostles so their gospel of the cross could be preached. The Old Testament, they say in effect, has been adulterated. It has been changed from its original human intent to include its present divine content. In other words, the "historical and poetical writings of an ancient people" have been ingeniously injected with spiritual concepts and divine precepts which they never entertained. That is modernism's view. It is necessitated by the liberal's humanistic authorship theory. The Bible is the word of men, hence, its seeming coherence is explained by the tortured twistings and teachings of men like Jesus and his apostles.

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Will Christ Reign For 1000 Years On The Earth?

Arthur M. Ogden
Burnside, Kentucky

The doctrine advocating the return of Jesus Christ to earth to establish an earthly kingdom over which He will reign for 1000 years from Jerusalem is known as Premillennialism. It is one of the most popular religious doctrines of our day. It is a doctrine in which many denominational churches hold common bond as a large percentage hold to the doctrine. At any hour one might tune his radio to hear a premillennial preacher expounding upon "the signs of the times" – the imminent return of the Lord. The doctrine rests primarily upon the misunderstanding and misapplication of Revelation 20:1-7.

Will Christ reign on earth? Premillennialists cry "yes" but we respond with a resounding "no." Our reasons are twofold:

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