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Confronting the Religion of Islam

The Sacred Writings of Islam

Bob Pulliam

In the Quran and Hadith we find the sacred writings of Islam. The Quran is the highest, and Hadith is second only to the Quran (obviously leaving the Bible far behind). And it is these writings that prove to be the weakest link in Islam's claims of divine origin. If the Quran is from a divine source, we can expect it to be free from the errors seen in the works of men. Lofty claims are made regarding these to vindicate the religion of Allah. But alas, to claim success and prove such are two very different matters.

When the Bible is put to the test, it passes with flying colors (when examined objectively). One of the greatest tributes to the Bible is the amount of time spent by humanistic critics attacking it. They consume very little time attacking the Quran, Hadith, Book of Mormon, Watchtower publications, Christian Science writings, etc. The power of "Bible followers" is not the only reason for this. The critic attacks that which he sees as threateningly believable. It can truly be said that the truth of the Bible scares critics to their typewriters.

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Confronting the Religion of Islam The Beginnings of Islam

By Bob Pulliam

In combating the errors of Islam one needs ammunition. A great source of power against this rapidly growing religion is the truth behind its origins. For this reason, we offer a brief look at the founder of Islam and the god of Islam. In the next two issues of Guardian of Truth we will consider the sacred writings of Islam, and forgiveness.


The origins of Islam is a study that the ordinary Muslim will not make. To search out the origins of his religion is taboo, and I believe the material in this study will reveal why such is true. Information on this subject abounds, as well as opinions on certain aspects. There is no way to completely examine these matters here; but many books have been written to help confront this rapidly growing religion. Your local library will probably have a few of these.

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